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Thank you for checking out my website.
I am excited to start a new year.  The first few weeks we will be learning procedures, rules, and expectations for Kindergarten.  Each day is a new day full of learning.  We sing, we use magnetic letters, pattern blocks, unifix cubes, playdoh, and add more learning tools with each new day.  This explains why you may not see lots of worksheets coming home at this point.  Don't worry, we will be learning though: to recite short poems, and read our sight words, our names, our letters and sounds, to count and recognize numerals, etc.  
Periodically, I will send home a set of paper "popcorn" words.  These flashcards are to help your child practice reading at home.  As a working parent, I know how difficult it can be to work outside the home, raise children, and keep up with household duties, as well as find time for family fun. Therefore, I sincerely appreciate any time and effort you give to support me and your child's learning. Your efforts will not be in vain, and you will be pleased to see the progress your child will make as a result.  Thanks for sharing your child with me this year.  I look forward to a successful school year.
Mrs. McCraw

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2017 - 2018 High Frequency Words available now.

 Finally, got our new list of high frequency words uploaded for you.

My website is currently under construction.

 Sorry for the inconvenience, lots of changes yet to be made and uploaded here.  Please check back again next week, as I hope to have my schedule uploaded soon.  We also have a new list of high frequency words in Kindergarten this year, so I want to get those posted here as well.  Again, sorry for the delay, and thank you for your patience.
Mrs. McCraw