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Kinder Sight Words

Here is a list of high frequency/sight words for the year.  I will be teaching these words within the context of guided reading, poetry, and writing activities.  Parents will be informed of the words we have covered thus far, rather than the words we will be studying in the coming weeks.  To help your child master their high frequency/sight words, please review the words we have studied up to that point.  If your child masters those words quickly, feel free to work with him or her on other words from the list.  Credit is given during progress monitoring, report card assessments, and "popcorn" testing based on how many have been mastered by sight ... rather than can your child read a certain/partial set of the words from the word list.  Thank you for your efforts to support your child's learning and development of reading skills.
This is an automated list from a few years ago, back when we had over 80 words.  It spells out the words, and then reads it to them.  It would be good practice for those who have yet to read all  50, and also allow those who've mastered the 50 to work on some of those they will see next year.


10 new books posted

I have added 10 new leveled readers this week.  Had we been in the classroom, your child would have been expected to be reading on a Level D or higher. Please continue to have your child read at home everyday.  It is important that your student continues to move to a higher reading level. Thank you for all you are doing for your children. 

I reorganized my distance learning link --

I reorganized my link so that you can find subcategories full of readers on the same level.  There is a link to all the level B readers.  One for all level C, etc.  Hopefully, this will make it easier to find the books for your child.  All of last week's readers though are under "Week 7" , as that is the way I received them.  They do contain books on levels B - F.  Happy Reading.

Wow! There are now 85 different opportunities tied to my Distance Learning link!

Hi everyone!  I just finished uploading several more leveled readers, levels B through F, along with a lesson reference sheet.  Now there are 85 total links there.  This was made possible from the hard work of Mrs. Hoover, and the generosity of the folks at Reading A to Z .  Thanks for making so many learning opportunities available for us at home. 

Hey to all my home bound students!

I hope you and your family are doing well during this (our 5th week?) of school closure.  Students are definitely out of their routine now, as are we their parents and teachers.  So much has been made available to you already, to keep little minds engaged during school closure.  Hopefully, you are finding these resources helpful to keep them occupied, while you are trying to juggle work, home, and now educating your little ones (& bigger ones) at home.  Some of you have several kids to keep on track while you maintain the health and financial well being of your families.  I am constantly trying to update my website with new links, so that you might have a moment of peace while you are working with your other children or just trying to get dinner on the table.  These resources are my effort to help you during this difficult time. My thoughts are with you and yours.  Please stay healthy.  Love, Mrs. McCraw

Week 2 Choice Boards added

I just added choice boards for both reading and math.  They are separate pages that can be downloaded.  Also, you can sign up to receive notification of any new posts, somehow, so you'll automatically get to read any new posts.  Hope you are well, and enjoying the new resources I keep uploading.  I am excited to have all of these now, to include in our Chrome book station during Literacy Station time.  Take care!

New links added

I just added to great new resources.  Spelling City has lots of fun ways to practice sight words at home via computer.  Look for my sight word list by finding my name in the teacher list.  Also, Mystery Science has allowed free use of their great mini lesson complete with videos.  Check them out.