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School Closure Info.

     I hope this message finds you and your family well, and unaffected by the virus hitting our nation.  As you know, GISD as has many other districts, has closed for the time being.  During this time custodial staff are doing a deep clean of each campus in the hopes of eliminating any germs, etc.  As of now, we are closed through the week, and are scheduled to return on the March 23rd.
     In the meantime, your children may be getting restless.  They may be limited to contact with friends and extended family.  This provides a perfect opportunity to engage their little minds, to ensure no hard work to obtain reading and math skills are lost during this unexpected break.  I have uploaded a "Student's Choice Board" with some suggested activities for fun ways to practice those skills during the break.  Please allow your child access to this information, the resources, and games while they are out of school.  That way, when they return they will be up and running without having lost the time and effort we've put in this year.  Thank you so much!  I appreciate your willingness and continued support in the education of your child.