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McCraw, Michelle » Behavior Expectations

Behavior Expectations

Establishing rules and procedures are key in Kindergarten.  For many students this may be their first exposure to a structured learning environment.  So time will be devoted, especially the first few weeks of school, to establishing student expectations and procedures throughout the campus, in various settings, literacy stations, and classrooms.  Doing so will help your child know what to do where, and will promote a healthier learning environment  for all.  Some children may pick up quicker than others, as they may have attended pre-K here at the Primary, or at some other learning based pre-K program.  So, if your child struggles a bit at first, that can be expected as he/she transitions from leaving home and entering our little world of learning.  Your efforts to support me as the teacher, and also to encourage your child is greatly appreciated.  Opportunities will be in place for the child to show, "I can correct myself, and make better choices."  The goal is to eventually become self disciplined. So I have in place a system to help monitor your child's progress along the way.  Please read through the attached document, to become more familiar with that system.  If after a while, your child hasn't settled into the school routine, feel free to contact me so that we can discuss other options to help make that possible.  Thank you!  Mrs. McCraw