The Primary School Has Moved Its Front Entrance

The entrance to the Gatesville Primary is moving to the north end. Offices have been built and the Primary office staff is waiting for the new furniture arrive. Beginning Monday, all parents and visitors should enter at the north end of the building and park in the north parking lot. Visitors are requested to bring their state issued IDs for admittance into the building. At times, when there is a special event and large numbers of visitors, we will bypass this procedure.

Buses will still load and unload at the north entrance of the building. Please make sure that you have your child’s hand if you enter the building when buses are present. In the near future, a painted crosswalk will be located under the awning. We ask that all parents that are entering the building use this location to cross until the crosswalk is painted.

Student drop off will be on the new side entrance(former front) from Hornet Way and the library entrance. Teachers and/or aides will be present to help your student from the car. Please do not block the driveways when drop off is occurring.

Typically, the “new year traffic” subsides into routine traffic after about two weeks. Do not walk up to the porch to pick up your child. This is for the safety of all involved.

Marshall Street is closed in the mornings and the afternoons between the high school and junior high for bus loading/unloading. If you need to go through this area, you can bypass by going through the side junior high driveway and exiting close to the field house.

Until traffic routines are established, drop-off and pick-up may take a little longer. We want to establish routines that make it safest for our students.

GISD is working with you to make it safe for all students!