Welcome to Ms. Wallace's Kindergarten Page for the 2nd Nine Weeks of 2016-2017!
Dear Parents & Guardians,
Wow! We are already into the second nine weeks! Kindergarten has already administered the BOY TEMI (Texas Early Mathematics Inventory) test, the BOY BAS (Benchmark Assessment System) test to find each child's reading level to begin Guided Reading, and completed the first round of report card testing. I am amazed at how high the "bar" is set in Kindergarten and yet our students rise up and meet or surpass the "bar".
I have enjoyed getting to know my students and see how they are already growing physically, emotionally, and socially this year.
Our cafeteria plans and serves nutritious meals every day. It is a proven fact that children who have a daily routine of eating breakfast have a more alert brain for starting the day and their bodies work better. *Please encourage your child to eat breakfast either at home or here at school. The cafeteria starts serving breakfast at 7:20 and students should be in their classroom at 7:50 when the tardy bell rings.
Thank you for being a part of your child's learning. When parents are excited about learning, most likely, their child will be excited about it. I will certainly do my part to get your child where he/she needs to be in order to be ready for 1st grade. I invite you to walk along beside me as we teach your child together.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for a conference whenever you have concerns or questions. I plan on contacting you also, so we can make sure your child is getting the best from both home and school. My conference period is from 3:15 until 3:45 daily. Gatesville Primary phone number is 865-7264 or you may email me at dwallace@gatesvilleisd.org.
Darla Wallace

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