Parents » Gatesville Primary 16-17 Parental Involvement Policy

Gatesville Primary 16-17 Parental Involvement Policy

Gatesville Primary School Parental Involvement Policy 16-17

Reviewed by Campus SBDM on May 6, 2016


It is the policy of this campus to:


  1. Ensure that all students achieve high academic standards:

            -three benchmark assessments in both math and reading will be taken in                              Kindergarten.

-utilizing universal screenings and math probes to establish small group instruction classes.

            -use assessments to drive target tutoring classes.


  1. Welcome parents into the building to volunteer and for special activities and conferences:

            -utilize friends of the library to help with library classes and the book fair.

-homeroom mothers meeting to organize call list and classroom activities to include but not limited to: ACES Day, OTTER Day, Western Day, class parties, and field trips.


  1. Have an organized parent association known as VIP association (Very Important Parents) to help with the Department of State Health Services Dental program, vision and hearing screenings, picture days, and teacher and staff appreciation activities throughout the year.


  1. Include parents in the decisions that affect their children by:

            -including parent members in campus site-based decision making committee.

-including parent members in School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) that is a district level committee and advises the district on decisions concerning health and student well-being issues.

-maintaining open communication between teachers and parents concerning student progress and behaviours.

-parent surveys as part of a comprehensive needs assessment pertaining to campus programs and perceptions.


  1. Report students’ progress to parents on a regular basis by:

            -weekly folders

            -report cards

            -phone calls/emails/notes

            -informal dialogue


  1. Build capacity for parental involvement by:

-convening an annual meeting to inform parents of responsibilities and encourage participation in VIP Association.

-involving parents in planning, reviewing, and improving campus procedures such as arrival and dismissal procedures and staff development.


  1. Provide assistance to children at risk of not meeting high standards by informing parents of how they can help their children achieve. Hold parent meetings, parent conferences, and impart teaching strategies with parents so they may use these strategies at home.